Visual Forensics – Legal Exhibit Services

We utilize the industries most powerful applications and unique tools to allow experts and litigators to present the information through professionally provided legal exhibit services and demonstratives.

3D Forensic Animation & Illustrations

Whether a forensic animation is used as a substantive tool or as a demonstrative visual aid, it is founded in factual data. Litigators and experts can utilize animation as a flexible platform to compile and present data from a variety of sources including: Accident Simulation Software, CDR (Crash Data Retrieval) Systems, GPS, Laser Scanners, Photogrammetry, Surveys, Diagrams, Aerial Imagery, Photographs, Reports, and Physical Measurements among others.

  • Accident Recreation
  • Personal injury
  • Medical Animation

3D Laser Scanning

Visual Forensics utilizes 3D laser scanners for efficient documenting and preserving of accident, crime scenes, vehicles, structures, or complex objects.

  • Crime Scene Mapping
  • Location Reconstruction
  • Point Cloud Visualization
  • 3D Animation/Models

2D Forensic Animation & Motion Graphics

Visual Forensics produces forensic exhibits for litigation with rich and compelling content using animated graphics and illustrations. This translates into the product being more impactful and easily retained; while at the same time, garnering a higher level of interest than what you might fine with a simple slide show or aural form of communication. Examples of demonstratives that Visual Forensics has created include:

  • Animated Timelines
  • Product Usage/Liability Demonstratives
  • Toxic Tort/Area of Impact
  • Property Damages
  • Construction Defect Illustrations
  • Animated Charts/Graphs
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Aerial Fly-Throughs

Legal Video Editing

  • Settlement Videos
  • Day in the Life
  • Legal Documentaries
  • Custom Edits and Production

Interactive Legal Presentations

  • Run on a variety of mobile devices and touch sensitive devices
  • Play exhibits with simply hand gestures or controls
  • Interactive Digital Experience

Graphic Design for Litigation

  • PowerPoint slides
  • trial boards
  • timelines
  • charts & graphs
  • original illustrations
  • custom graphics for video and animated productions