Video Production


Visual Forensics has been producing video for decades, working in the early days with standard definition video for broadcast and DVD production along with early compressed formats for cd video discs.   Gradually the industry evolved with modern proprietary camera formats producing high definition video and encoding for Blu-Ray, HD web content and streaming video.  Our experience extends from the earliest days of video through to modern video production and everything in between.  Our extensive professional capabilities in video have been forged through years of experience in production.

We have worked with countless clients over the years to produce every imaginable type of video production for legal and commercial including:

  • Day-In-The-Life
  • Forensic testing
  • Documentary
  • Interview and Testimonial
  • Conference/Event Presentation
  • Broadcast television commercials
  • Commercial product sales and promotional

Our complete post-production services include:

  • Professional video editing
  • Color grading/correction
  • Sound mastering
  • Green screen keying
  • Shot stabilization
  • Fish-eye correction

We also provide basic video services for:

  • Clip cuts – We offer fast turn-around and superior accuracy on video cuts for all trial ready formats.
  • Format Conversions – Video conversions for all common video formats, compression, and sizes.
  • Captioning – Add subtitles to any video.
  • Capturing – Capture video from any web source or video player.

Disc Authoring

Visual Forensics features complete disc authoring capabilities for DVD and Blu-Ray production.  We can create custom movie discs in standard and HD resolutions with multi-tiered navigation, unique menus and controls, and custom disc/case labeling.

Surveillance Video

Visual Forensics has worked with hundreds of surveillance videos providing expert enhancements, conversions, and investigative support.  We have been listed as a video expert for numerous large law firms and have experience testifying in court to the validity of our work.  We have used our abilities to shed light on new evidence that has changed the course of cases and substantially increased awards for plaintiffs, exposed fraud in defense cases, and proved innocence for unjustly accused.  Our abilities can bring about the best outcome for litigators with evidential surveillance video with expert enhancement and consultation.