2D Animation


Visual Forensics produces forensic exhibits for litigation with rich and compelling content using animated graphics and illustrations. This translates into the product being more impactful and easily retained; while at the same time, garnering a higher level of interest than what you might find with a simple slide show or aural form of communication.  Examples of demonstratives that Visual Forensics has created include:

  • Animated Timelines
  • Product Usage/Liability Demonstratives
  • Toxic Tort/Area of Impact
  • Property Damages
  • Construction Defect Illustrations
  • Animated Charts/Graphs
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Aerial Fly-Throughs
Vehicle Accident Animation



Compositing is an integral part of the modern digital production process.  Visual Forensics uses cutting edge software to blend together 3D animated image sequences, isolate sections of image and video through keying/masking, and to combine visual elements such as custom graphics and visual effects into a single video.

Video Tracking and Stabilization

We have achieved amazing results for clients that have video that is shaky or where the camera is panning excessively making it difficult to focus on the subject of interest.  Visual Forensics can track the video or object and remove all unwanted camera motion, stabilizing a single object or the entire video so that it can be viewed more easily and accurately.