3D Laser Scanning

3D Forensic Laser MappingVisual Forensics utilizes 3D laser scanning technology for efficient documenting and preserving of accident, crime scenes, vehicles, structures, or complex objects. They are portable, lightweight units that can be transported easily to any site location. The scanner is mounted on a tripod and performs a 360° scan of the area.

Each scan can capture millions of measured data points at a highly accurate tolerance of ± 2 millimeters at a scan range of up to 330 meters. Compared to other methods for creating survey information which only measures the specific distances that are recorded, these scanners can canvas an entire area with millions of points in a short time-span. This ensures that any measurement can be taken of an area or object within the scan at any time in the future without having to revisit the site.

The scanner also has a high-resolution camera that photographs as it scans and automatically stitches together the images, creating a panorama and color overlay for the scan data. Multiple scans taken at a site can then be registered together to form a larger point cloud that encompasses the entire site or object being captured.

3D Laser Scanning Services

Visual Forensics can also provide scanning services with professional and experienced site scanning of accident scenes and vehicle damages. We will store data for future use or process point cloud data collected from the scanner to any format required.

Visual Forensics uses our 3D laser scanners for such forensic uses as:

Accident Reconstruction

We use point cloud data to create the 3D objects and environments that go into our animated accident reconstructions and demonstratives that we provide. This ensures that our animations are admissable based on accuracy and also allows us to expand with confidence the uses of 3D animation into areas that require exact detail.

Crime Scene Reconstruction

Our scanning services offer a fast and accurate way to document a crime scene and provide a platform for futher investigations and creation of exhibits from the collected data.

Point Cloud Visualization

The ability to fly through a point cloud in virtual space, examine areas without restriction from any vantage point, or remove barriers that might otherwise hinder visibility are some of the benefits in using this method for analysis.

3D Forensic Animation/Models

Point cloud data can be used to create accurate 3D models of objects or environments for use in forensic animation. This allows for greater accuracy for reconstruction and extends the available applications for 3D animation into scenarios that require the added level of detail.