3D Laser Scanning


Visual Forensics utilizes 3D laser scanning technology for efficient documenting and preserving of accident, crime scenes, vehicles, structures, or complex objects.  They are portable, lightweight units that can be transported easily to any site location. The scanner is mounted on a tripod and performs a 360° scan of the area.

Each scan can capture millions of measured data points at a highly accurate tolerance of ± 2 millimeters at a scan range of up to 330 meters. Compared to other methods for creating survey information which only measures the specific distances that are recorded, these scanners can canvas an entire area with millions of points in a short time-span.  This ensures that any measurement can be taken of an area or object within the scan at any time in the future without having to revisit the site.

3D Laser Scanner

Put our 3D laser scanners to work on your case!

Vehicle Accident

Our technicians will provide on-site scanning of an accident site for use in accident reconstructions.  We can utilize the scan data to produce surveys, diagrams, and 3D models, forming foundational evidence for exhibit creation and further investigation and analysis.

Visual Forensics often uses scan data or point clouds, imported into our 3D animation application, to create accurate environmental or structural 3D model geometry for our reconstructions.  Through this process, we achieve extreme levels of accuracy that extend our capabilities and help to ensure a strong performance in trial.

Crime Scene/Personal Injury

Our scanning services offer a fast and accurate way to document a crime scene or site where an injury has occurred.   From the scan data, Visual Forensics can create 3D models, recreations, and diagrams.

Point Cloud Visualization

Visual Forensics can provide a camera fly-through or visualization using a point cloud generated from 3D scans.  This can be an effective way to view an environment for analysis or presentation.