3D Forensic Animation


Visual Forensics has produced 3D forensic animation for legal presentation since the earliest implementations of this powerful medium.  We understood even then, that there was great potential for this platform in forensic recreations and demonstrative presentation.  Throughout the years, we have continually developed new techniques and adopted emerging technologies in producing ever more realistic and compelling animated visuals.  Now, many years later, with 3D animation firmly established as a viable and effective tool in litigation, Visual Forensics remains an innovator in the industry.  We have built a history on creating accurate, impactful forensic 3D animations that have consistently brought positive results for our clients.

Core Specialization

Visual Forensics is a full-service animation studio offering the highest quality and latest technologies in the production of 3D forensic and medical animations.  Our pipeline is built upon many of the most sophisticated applications available in the industry.  We incorporate 3D laser scanners/photogrammetry to produce detailed models used in our 3D animations, providing the highest levels of accuracy for forensic reconstruction.  We offer full character animation capabilities, producing high quality bio-mechanical simulations from video resources or by utilizing our motion capture systems for live re-enactments.

Accident Recreation

Visual Forensics has spent years producing detailed and realistic 3D animations for vehicle accident reconstruction.  Our animations have passed extreme scrutiny through trial after trial due to the massive efforts we have taken in developing processes and integrating resources to ensure accuracy.

Data Integration

Our forensic reconstructions have foundations created directly from information gathered through a variety of resources.

  • Accident Simulation Software
  • CDR (Crash Data Retrieval) Systems
  • GPS Systems
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Photogrammetry
  • LAS/DEM/DTM maps
  • Site Diagrams/Surveys
  • Aerial Imagery
  • Photo/Video
  • Accident Reports
  • Expert Analysis
  • Physical Measurements

Visual Forensics 3D accident animations present complex information in an impactful manner, clarifying details and providing compelling visuals.

Auto Accident Animation
Personal Injury Animation

Personal Injury

There are a wide variety of classifications for personal injury cases where 3D forensic animation can be effective. These cases can be complex, involving specific medical procedures, building processes or components, mechanical operations, or dangerous environmental issues.  3D forensic animation can provide a visual means with which to accurately depict the circumstances and specific injuries related to an incident. Some examples of the common types of personal injury cases that can benefit from an animated recreation would be:

  • Slip and falls due to uneven flooring, damaged or missing areas of streets or sidewalks, objects blocking a path of travel, or slippery surfaces.
  • Premises liability involving an unsafe or defective condition on a property.
  • A physical assault or battery that occurs due to improper security or excessive use of force that results in serious injury.
  • Toxic tort cases resulting from exposure to toxic compounds or dangerous substances that inflict injury or disease.
  • Defective/faulty machinery, improper use, or not adhering to safety protocols resulting in bodily harm.
  • Medical malpractice suits where a person is injured from incompetent or improper standards and procedure in healthcare provisions.

Medical Animation

Visual Forensics produces 3D medical animations that illustrate the complex issues surrounding the mechanisms of injury from an accident and medical procedures required resulting from injury.  With medical animation as a supplemental, an understanding of the incident in its entirety can be demonstrated and serve as a powerful point of leverage for increasing awards in an accident case.

Visual Forensics 3D medical animations are perfectly suited for demonstrating:

  • Injury Mechanisms
  • Injury Detail and Extent
  • Medical Procedures
  • Biomedical Products
Medical Procedure Animation

Custom Illustration

Our artists can craft stunning illustrated visuals for any demonstrative need.  We produce digital artwork through a combination of 3D animation, digital sculpting/painting, and 2D illustrated/design elements.  Visual Forensics custom artwork brings your exhibits to life!