Forensic Animation

Animation is a powerful tool for presenting forensic evidence and case details that would otherwise be difficult to explain.   The power is in the ability to engage the viewer with an immersive experience and lead them through the narrative with compelling visuals.  Events and processes can be broken down into components while new information is brought forward in progression.  This increases not only the level of comprehension but also enhances the retention in the concepts being presented.

Animation Is Our Specialty

At our heart, Visual Forensics is a full-service animation studio offering the highest quality and latest innovations.  For any type of recreation or demonstrative, animation is our specialty and we have a mountain of experience and capabilities ready to put to work on your case.

Our animations can be used as a substantive tool or as a demonstrative visual aid but what makes it “forensic” is its foundation in actual evidence and data from investigative resources.  With the combined skillsets from Visual Forensics teamed up with litigators and experts representing a wide range of specializations, we incorporate data from a variety of resources including:

  • Accident Simulation Software
  • CDR (Crash Data Retrieval) Systems
  • GPS Systems
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Photogrammetry
  • LAS/DEM/DTM maps
  • Site Diagrams/Surveys
  • Aerial Imagery
  • Photo/Video
  • Accident Reports
  • Expert Analysis
  • Physical Measurements

3D Animation

Accident Recreation

Visual forensics produces highly realistic 3D animated forensic recreations that allow the litigator to revisit the event as it occurred at the time of the accident.  Our animations are founded through expert and scientific analysis and constructed with the highest degree of accuracy and admissibility.  3D animation provides many advantages not possible by any other means:

  • Work in a real world scaled virtual environment
  • Depict any type of event or phenomenon
  • View events from any vantage point
  • Break apart objects to view internal mechanisms
  • Recreate any environment
  • Apply data from motion capture

The flexibility and power of our 3D animated recreations are proven to be a successful tool in accident litigation.

Personal injury

There are a wide variety of classifications for personal injury cases where 3D forensic animation can be effective. These cases can be complex, involving specific medical procedures, building processes or components, mechanical operations, or dangerous environmental issues.  3D forensic animation can provide a visual means with which to accurately depict the circumstances and specific injuries related to an incident. Some examples of the common types of personal injury cases that can benefit from an animated recreation would be:


  • Slip and falls due to uneven flooring, damaged or missing areas of streets or sidewalks, objects blocking a path of travel, or slippery surfaces.
  • Premises liability involving an unsafe or defective condition on a property.
  • A physical assault or battery that occurs due to improper security or excessive use of force that results in serious injury.
  • Toxic tort cases resulting from exposure to toxic compounds or dangerous substances that inflict injury or disease.
  • Defective/faulty machinery, improper use, or not adhering to safety protocols resulting in bodily harm.
  • Medical malpractice suits where a person is injured from incompetent or improper standards and procedure in healthcare provisions.


Medical Animation

3D forensic animation is perfectly suited for demonstrating involved medical procedures, biomedical product usage, and injuries suffered in an accident. Complex issues surrounding the mechanisms of injury from an accident can be broken down and clearly demonstrated with 3D animation, illustrations, and graphics. By combining medical and accident animation, an understanding of the incident in its entirety can be demonstrated, serving as a powerful point of leverage in a personal injury or accident case.