Enrich the Experience of Information


Visual Forensics, located in San Diego, California, is an experienced forensic animation and CGI, multimedia studio that develops demonstrative exhibits and effective presentations of case evidence.  We achieve superior results for our clients through art in aesthetics and visual communications blended with forensic analysis, science and engineering.  Visual Forensics closes the gap between science and art enabling ideas and positions to be delivered clearly, with maximum impact.

With so much riding on the successful presentation of evidence, why not take advantage of all the available resources to provide the best chance for a positive outcome?


Experience That Brings Results

Our broad range of experience was gained through over a decade of collaborating with legal professionals from organizations including law firms, city/county offices, private investigators, and insurance agencies.  We have had the opportunity to work with some of the top trial attorneys and experts in the country and on nationally recognized cases.  We have provided evidence and demonstrative exhibit presentations for all areas of litigation from trial and arbitration to settlement and conference.  Time and time again, our work has been instrumental for bringing positive outcomes for both plaintiff and defense cases.

Creative Communication

For Visual Forensics, art exists in legal presentation as a human factors tool for delivering powerful content.  In developing exhibits, Visual Forensics understands that for communication to be successful, information cannot be just given, it must be experienced.  While information structure and systems usability are important, quality aesthetics and visual composition are equally imperative.  All the scientific methodologies and engineering calculations won’t go anywhere without the proper vehicle to transform it for effective legal presentation.

Technological Advantage

We at Visual Forensics, have a passion for technology and constantly searching for new ways to utilize these advances for legal presentation and forensic analysis.  We were early innovators in using laser scanners to create ultra-accurate forensic 3D animated reconstructions.  Our work with point clouds in reverse projection has provided an accurate method for disseminating accurate speed/distance information from surveillance video.  Our use of motion capture systems for re-enactments has allowed for the accurate depiction of human biomechanics in personal injury cases.  Visual Forensics has consistently utilized an array of technologies to provide the best available working solutions for the analysis, enhancement, and presentation of evidence for litigation.

With an eye on the future, we are excited at the prospects that emerging, digital content related, technologies can provide in forensics.  The future of demonstratives is Visual Forensics!

David L. Gifford

David L. Gifford has over three decades of experience in multimedia production, beginning with printing and graphic design.  A long-time affinity for computers and digital art, eventually led to a career shift into 3D animation.  Dave worked as a freelance 3D artist for several years, eventually taking a position as Multimedia Supervisor/Creative Director for a legal support company, working for over 8 years with lawyers, investigators, and experts on a wide range of cases.  At the beginning of 2016, Dave founded Visual Forensics to focus exclusively in the production of demonstrative exhibits and evidential presentations for litigation.